La Polemica sulle Modifiche alla Legge Regionale nel Settore Funebre

The Controversy over Changes to the Regional Law in the Funeral Sector


In the Italian funeral sector, a recent debate has shaken the legislative landscape. The proposed amendment to the regional law, focused on the regulation of practices such as cremation, conservation, custody and dispersion of ashes, aroused strong opposition from the League. The main reason for this opposition concerns the potential negative repercussions on small and medium-sized funeral businesses, fearing that the new provisions favor large business groups to the detriment of small operators.

The Heart of the Controversy

The new provisions propose minimum requirements for possessing the means and human resources necessary to manage a funeral business. Specifically, they require the availability of two hearses, a garage and at least eight annual work units, including funeral workers or undertakers. These requirements represent a potentially difficult threshold to reach for small companies, which often operate with more limited resources than large groups.

The League's Position and Economic Implications

The League, speaking through the regional deputy group leader Andrea Cerutti, underlined that the approval of these changes would have a devastating impact on small and medium-sized businesses. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the proposed requirements, based on the number of annual services performed, would favor those who already have high resources and customers, putting family businesses and those with limited resources at a disadvantage. This situation, according to the League, would have serious repercussions on local communities and on the economic fabric of small funeral businesses.

Reactions and Future Prospects

The proposed amendment to the law, presented by the Democratic Party and signed by Daniele Valle, has sparked a wide debate. The League's concerns reflect a broader question about how regulations can affect the balance between large and small businesses in an industry as sensitive and personal as funerals. The ongoing debate could lead to further discussions and possible reworking of the legislative proposal to find a balance between regulation and support for businesses of all sizes in the funeral sector.


The debate on changes to regional law in the funeral sector in Italy highlights an important conflict between the need to regulate a delicate sector and support for small businesses that constitute a fundamental part of the local economy and community. The current situation highlights the need for a balanced approach that considers the interests of all parties involved.

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