Art Stone photoceramics

Modern digital photographic technologies allow us to obtain very high quality definitions, and can be used with other technologies such as photoceramics which until recently were unthinkable, designed to guarantee durability and resistance over time.

Photoceramic technology uses digital photography with ceramic materials and allows you to reproduce any drawing, photograph or anything else that has been electronically digitized by creating a decal: for this purpose a decal photographic transport system is used which consists of printing images with color composed of special ceramic oxides on paper which is transported onto porcelain and fired in an electric oven at around 900 °C. In such a way that the decoration "merges" and forms a single body with the support where it has been glued; Being oxides, these colors become a single body with the base through firing and will not undergo chromatic variations over time.

The result is a ceramic where the decoration has become an integral part of the object, penetrating its surface layer (enamel) and taking on the same qualities. Great resistance to all atmospheric agents, rain, sun, heat, cold and above all to aging , clearly distinguish it from other commercial products.

Graphic Processing - Ceramic ready in 24H - Deliveries throughout Italy - Quality Guarantee