Printed headstones

The chromastone line has no graphic limits, the composition has total or partial coverage of the slab and can be composed according to the customer's indications. The graphic elements can be chosen from the catalog or provided by the customer as well as the dedication. You can post multiple photos of the deceased and request special funds perhaps linked to the memory of the deceased. This is also valid for cinerary ossuaries or large-format tombstones.

Abrasive actions and engraving actions can damage the slab as on all products made of marble. Cleaning of the decorated surface must only be done with a microfibre cloth moistened with water and neutral detergents. Never use abrasive detergents, flammable or chemically aggressive substances or other solvents.

Art Srlone Srl guarantees the photographic niches for 20 years starting from the date of purchase proven by the receipt or invoice. The guarantee is valid only if the declared conformities are attributable to manufacturing effects and have been recognized by personnel authorized by the manufacturer and if the assembly instructions have been followed and the warnings respected. Parts that are damaged due to accidental damage due to negligence or inadequate personnel are excluded from the warranty. Art Stone Srl declines any responsibility for any damage to people, animals or things caused by installation errors.

approximately 15 working days from delivery of the marble and approval of the proofs.

Graphic Processing - Headstone ready in 15 days - Deliveries throughout Italy - Quality Guarantee