Dedications and Mourning Phrases

The dedications represent an intense and moving expression of our love and esteem for those who have left us. In such a delicate period, finding the right words to express what we feel can be difficult. For this reason, we have carefully selected a variety of touching phrases and thoughts, in order to help you find the ideal dedication that fully reflects your feelings, in an elegant and meaningful way.

  • No. 1

    Don't cry
    my absence:
    I am blessed in God
    and I pray for you.
    I will love you from Heaven
    how I loved you
    on earth.

  • No. 2

    Console yourself with me
    all of you who
    you were so dear to me.
    I leave a world
    of pain for a
    Kingdom of Peace.

  • No. 3

    Rejoice in God dear soul
    the peace of the righteous
    and comfort
    on this earth
    who loved you so much.

  • No. 4

    Your heart
    he loved us so much
    your soul from above
    help us to stay longer
    always together
    in your memory.

  • No. 5

    May his memory remain in the hearts of all those who knew him.

  • No. 6

    Come on oh Lord
    to his spirit
    eternal rest
    and your light shines
    in his eyes.

  • No. 7

    Honesty was his ideal
    work is his life
    the family his affection.
    His loved ones will cherish it
    memory in the heart.

  • No. 8

    Don't cry, I will be the invisible angel of the family.
    God will not be able to deny me anything when I pray for you.

  • No. 9

    For all the good you have given us for all the pain you have left us today, give it oh Lord
    to his chosen spirit
    Your peace, Your light.

  • No. 10

    The love of family
    the joy of work
    the cult of honesty
    they were luminous realities
    of his life.

  • No. 11

    From the peace of the righteous, always remember those who were you
    so dear in life and who now mourn you bitterly.

  • No. 12

    Good, honest and hardworking, loved and esteemed by all, he leaves the luminous traces of his chosen virtues on the earth.

  • No. 13

    So that her image survives in the memory of those who held her dear and her thoughts rise with the prayers of the good to the peace of heaven
    which he achieved leaving in pain
    all his loved ones.

  • No. 14

    He lived.
    But in the prime of life You, Lord, chose him from among the elect and, with Divine invitation, now his young soul embellishes the gardens of Your Kingdom.
    Your will be done.

  • No. 15

    Your unexpected and rapid death leaves a great void among all those who loved you.
    Your memory will always be alive in their souls.

  • No. 16

    Her dear memory will live eternally in the souls of those who knew her and loved her.

  • No. 17

    From heaven where the vision of God
    makes you happy forever look at us
    that we live in pain and for us you intercede peace and comfort.

  • No. 18

    The memory of the great love for your family who was your whole world makes our pain even more vivid.
    With infinite regret and tenderness we remember you and pray for you.

  • No. 19

    For the goodness that illuminated his
    existence for the grateful memory he left in those who knew him
    for the affection he had towards his family, give him, O Lord, eternal peace.

  • No. 20

    Nobody dies
    on earth
    as long as it lives in the heart
    of those who remain.

  • No. 21

    He received from God the gift of immense
    His entire life was spent entirely
    for his family.

  • No. 22

    I don't die,
    I enter life,
    and everything that doesn't
    I can tell you
    down here, I'll do it for you
    in the highest heavens.

  • No. 23

    The love you gave us
    he didn't die with you:
    lives in ours
    heart, in ours
    conscience, in our
    I remember.
    Faith keeps
    united those who
    death separates.

  • No. 24

    I am the resurrection
    that's life.
    Who believes in me,
    even if it
    if he were dead, he will live
    and those who live and believe
    it will not die in me

  • No. 25

    He passed out of life,
    but not from our life.
    We could
    believe dead
    who is so alive in the
    our heart?

  • No. 26

    That the dawn of every day
    bring you a smile
    of mom and dad.

  • No. 27

    Absence is not absence,
    have faith,
    the one you don't see
    and with you.

  • No. 28

    Mother, how on earth you guided us in our first steps,
    now from heaven guide us in the right path of life.

  • No. 29

    With regret
    and infinite tenderness
    we remember you and
    we pray for you.

  • No. 30

    ...You will always stay
    in the heart
    of how many wanted you

  • No. 31

    Her memory as a woman
    simple and honest
    stay alive
    in the regret of
    his family
    and of those who knew her
    and they loved her.

  • No. 32

    His memory as a man
    simple and honest
    stay alive
    in regret
    of his family
    and of those who knew him
    and they loved her.

  • No. 33

    He went to catch up
    those who loved him
    and to wait
    those who love him.

  • No. 34

    Loving mother
    and honest
    his qualities were
    for example
    to those who knew her.

  • No. 35

    An affectionate and honest father, his qualities were an example to those who knew him.

  • No. 36

    He took you away too soon
    to the affection of the family
    but it will not take away from you
    never from ours
    memory and from
    our heart.

  • No. 37

    He peacefully fell asleep in the Lord after a life entirely dedicated to family and work.
    An exemplary wife and mother, she leaves a legacy of faith and love to her husband and children.

  • No. 38

    He peacefully fell asleep in the Lord after a life entirely dedicated to family and work.
    An exemplary husband and father, he leaves a legacy of faith and love to his wife and children.

  • No. 39

    In every moment of his life he had faith as his guide.

  • No. 40

    As a model bride she was joy and comfort
    of her beloved husband.
    She lived deeply loved and died
    deeply regretted.

  • No. 41

    May Your peace rest
    in my heart,
    because I can
    give peace
    to all those
    what a meeting.

  • No. 42

    Goodness, altruism,
    generous spirit
    of sacrifice;
    this is his memory.
    His kindness was warming
    the hearts of how many l
    or knew.
    All family members
    they remember it forever.

  • No. 43

    You are always alive in our hearts as you are always present in our desolate house.
    May the Lord who suddenly seized you grant eternal rest to your blessed soul.

  • No. 44

    A tear evaporates for the deceased.
    A flower on their grave withers.
    God collects a prayer for their soul.

  • No. 45

    Honesty was his ideal,
    work is his life,
    the family his affection.
    To all those
    who knew her
    and they loved her
    so that he stays alive
    his memory.

  • No. 46

    The one we mourn
    it is not absent
    but only invisible,
    his eyes beaming
    of glory
    they are fixed in ours
    full of tears.

  • No. 47

    Don't leave
    broken down by pain,
    my dears, aim at life
    that I started
    not the one I finished.

  • No. 48

    He did not leave
    who to precede us,
    he is not absent,
    far away: it is close to us,
    lives with us, loves us,
    protects us from heaven.
    I am the resurrection
    that's life; who believes in me
    even if he dies he will live.

  • No. 49

    Adored son, life of our life, cut short by a tragic fatal accident, you left us in anguish still in disbelief of your passing.

    Distressed, we bow to the will of God but ask you to pray so that He will grant us the strength to experience an alleviation of our great pain.

  • No. 50

    You who knew him.
    You who loved her
    remember him
    before the Lord.

  • No. 51

    In memory of a simple and serene woman.
    In memory of a fair and understanding woman, always affectionately
    disposed towards others, in memory of a true, dearest Mother.

  • No. 52

    He was an exemplary husband and father, with noble and generous feelings.
    The only purpose of his life was love for family, work, honesty to the point of scruple, charity towards the needy.
    Lord, give him eternal rest.

  • No. 53

    He dies young
    which is dear to heaven.

  • No. 54

    He devoted himself to family and work
    all his life.
    He was honest and was happy with little.
    He had the secret of making himself loved by everyone:
    he leaves a legacy of faith and love to his wife and children.

  • No. 55

    Don't mourn my absence, feel me close and talk to me again.
    I will love you in heaven as I loved you on earth.

  • n°56

    He lived for the love of his family.
    Rest in the serenity of the Righteous.
    He lives again in the light of God.