L'aumento dei Costi nel Settore Funebre in Italia: Un'Analisi Dettagliata

Rising Costs in the Funeral Sector in Italy: A Detailed Analysis

The funeral sector in Italy has suffered a significant increase in costs in 2023, a phenomenon that is not isolated but part of a general inflationary trend affecting various sectors of the economy.

The Causes of Increased Costs

The main causes of this increase in spending are:

  1. Energy Cost Rises : Similar to other industries, the funeral industry has been impacted by rising energy costs, a reflection of the current global economic environment.

  2. Inflation and War in Ukraine : These global factors have influenced the costs of raw materials, leading to increased prices of funeral items such as coffins and floral decorations.

Details on Funeral Costs

  • Price Variation : The cost of a standard funeral varies between 1,900 and 3,000 euros, excluding taxes and cemetery fees.
  • Types of Funerals and Associated Costs : Costs vary based on the complexity of the funeral service chosen. For example, the choice of hearse, type of coffin, transport services, preparation of the body, headstone, obituaries and floral decorations influence the final cost.
  • Cost of Coffins : The basic price for a coffin made of red pine wood starts from 500 euros, but can reach much higher figures for more valuable materials such as mahogany or oak.

The Trend Towards Cremation

One of the direct consequences of the increase in funeral costs is the growing preference for cremation, considered a cheaper option:

  • Increase in Cremations : In 2022, almost 260 thousand cremations were recorded, equal to 36.4% of the total deaths. This trend is prevalent especially in Northern Italy, but is also growing in Central and Southern Italy.
  • Savings Associated with Cremation : By choosing cremation, families can significantly reduce costs associated with coffers and cemetery expenses, with an average total expense for a funeral with cremation of around 1,900 euros.

Impact on the Funeral Market

Despite the challenges posed by these increases, the funeral sector in Italy remains robust, with a turnover reaching 2 billion euros in recent years. The ability to adapt to new economic needs and consumer preferences will be critical to the survival and success of funeral businesses in this ever-changing environment.


In conclusion, the funeral sector in Italy is currently in a phase of transformation, due to both inflation and changes in consumer preferences. Understanding and adapting to these dynamics will be crucial for funeral businesses that wish to remain competitive and effectively respond to the needs of families in a time of bereavement.

Source : The Newspaper

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