Nuovo Regolamento Regionale per i Servizi Funebri: Ordine e Innovazione nel Settore

New Regional Regulation for Funeral Services: Order and Innovation in the Sector

Rome, Italy – The funeral sector in Italy has seen an important regulatory change. A new regional regulation, introduced to respond to the need for order and transparency, is significantly influencing the way in which funeral businesses operate and interact with their customers.

Context and Need for Change

The need for specific regulations in the funeral sector has been palpable for some time. The regional law relating to the activities of funeral homes, approved two years ago, left a regulatory void that was starting to create inefficiencies for users. This scenario has led to the need to establish clear rules to guarantee an adequate service to citizens.

Details of the New Regulation

The regulation, approved by the Health and Social Policies commission and coordinated by vice-president Simona Tironi, introduces precise criteria for the equipment and staffing of funeral businesses.

  • Equipment and staffing : A funeral service center must now be equipped with two hearses, a garage and eight morticians until the threshold of 1,120 services per year is reached. Funeral companies will have proportional requirements, with a wagon and four undertakers up to 560 services per year.

  • Monitoring and Technology : A regional IT platform will serve local administrations to monitor the progress of the situation and compliance with the new criteria. This use of technology represents a significant step forward in regulating the industry.

  • Review of the Farewell Rooms : The dimensions of these rooms cannot be less than 35 square meters. Furthermore, health and social care facility staff were prohibited from influencing mourners' choice of funeral company.

Impact on the Sector

This regulation is essential to ensure a balance between the supply and demand of funeral services. Furthermore, the introduction of a technology-based monitoring system helps maintain the integrity of the sector, avoiding malpractices and ensuring a fair and transparent service to citizens.

Growth and Prospects

The funeral sector in Lombardy, for example, has seen significant growth in recent years. According to a report from the Milan Chamber of Commerce, activities in this sector increased from 1,924 to 2,011 between June 2020 and June 2022, highlighting the vitality and importance of the sector.


The new regional regulation for funeral services represents a significant step forward towards greater transparency and efficiency in a fundamental sector for the social fabric. With the help of technology and tighter regulation, an overall improvement in the quality of services offered is expected, benefiting both businesses and citizens.

Source : Il Sole 24 Ore

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