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Trifarian Signature Table

Trifarian Signature Table

The Trifarian Signature Table is an elegant funeral lectern, a combination of transparent plexiglass and fine wood, created specifically by our expert craftsmen for Funeral Agencies.

Main features:

  1. High-quality material: Made with high-quality transparent plexiglass and sturdy wood, the Trifarian Signature Table ensures durability and resistance, adapting perfectly to the interior environments of churches and funeral homes.

  2. Integrated lighting: The transparent plexiglass body lights up delicately, giving an atmosphere of serenity and respect during moments of commemoration.

  3. Photo holder and customizable plaque: The table is equipped with a photo holder to display the image of the deceased, and a plexiglass plaque on which it is possible to print the funeral agency's logo, offering a tailor-made and distinctive service.

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