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Urn Framework

Urn Framework


This urn combines artistic tradition with material innovation to offer a high quality and durable product.

Product Details:

  • Materials: Selection of fine woods and composite aluminum to guarantee resistance and inalterability over time.
  • Decoration: Artistically golden frame, ready to accommodate images on pictorial canvas, customizable according to your desire.

Design and Functionality:

  • The frame cleverly masks the internal space dedicated to the ashes, maintaining a thin and discreet profile, ideal for home display.
  • The internal structure, safe and confidential, is designed to preserve the memory without neglecting aesthetics.

Home foster care:

  • With a design that allows it to be hung on the wall, the picture urn offers a silent and respectful presence within the home environment.

To choose the image and discuss possible customizations, we invite you to contact us through the communication channels available on our site.

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